Street Photography workshops in Hong Kong

To minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community, we all need to work together on social distancing and wearing a mask.

First of all I must telI you english is not my language, I apologize for any grammatical errors

I only have two languages, photography and spanish

I have imparted street photography workshops since 2014 and under my experience (and opinion) I think most of the people do not learn what they have to in only few hours of photo walks (remark a photo walk it is not a workshop neither a course) How can they learn to take photos in 3 hours when it takes the whole life? How can the learn walking from point a to point b? Do not be confused, you are not going to learn in only few hours.

1. Street Photography booklet

I always tell my students that if they know what they are looking for it is easier to find it, but, how can I know what I am looking for if I only take photos to the food in restaurants? well, this depends of your experience and level, it is not the same a photography workshops for advanced photographers than for people who bought the first camera last tuesday, the only common thing is both have to do some (different) exercises, challenges...

I always provide to my students a booklet (40, 50 and even 70 pages depending of their level) with tips, tricks, exercises, challenges, examples in order to explaining them how and when take the photo they were looking for.

A. Booklet for begginers: You will learn how

  1. to be invisible

  2. balance (and imbalance a photo)

  3. juxtapose

  4. find a scene, a moment

  5. contrast a subject/object

  6. approach to the scene

  7. Edit a photo

  8. Select your work

  9. Be creative, selective

  10. Dividing the frame

  11. ...

You will have this booklet for ever, it is your first Street photography manual and you can consult it anytime, and will practice the excercises. Remember, if You know what you are looking for, it is easier to find it

B. Booklet for advance photographers: There is nothing I can teach to advance photographers but learn, although I give them another booklet where they will practice

  1. Format square

  2. Fill the frame

  3. How to be creative (double exposure, reflexion, self-portrait)

  4. Angles

  5. ...

Have a look to next Street Photography in Hong Kong here

silhouetes, fill the frame in street photography

C. Practise so much that it becomes instint

How much do you practice in a photo walk? How much do you practice after the photo walk?

Let me be honest with you, In a photo walk we do not practice, we only try to get the same images than our ¨teacher¨ and if we do not practice during that day we will not practice after that day either, it is that simple.

Anyone can take pictures but we have to be different than them, we have to make a picture instead to take a picture.

In my workshops you will practice the exercises in the booklet that day, that is for sure and after that you will practice more and more because you will become to a private facebook and website book where all the people who assisted to my workshops are, this group is according to your level, I have had workshops in different countries in the world and I separate the levels in some groups, we have constructive criticism what will make you learn and love photography

You can learn how to do your project in Street Photography

D. How to select, edit your photos

70% of a good result in our photos will depend in the photo edition, Yes, most of the times a good edition will make your photo more impressive but we can not edit all the photos we take (we make) How many photos can you (make/take) in a photo walk?

Are you happy with the final result? I am sure you are not, and I am sure because in those photowalks they do not teach you how to be selective when you shoot and how to be selective when you edit (they do not have that option either)

In a good photo workshop you have to HAVE photo edition and in my street photography workshops in Hong Kong WE HAVE IT

Look our five days experience here

IFC seen from Wanchai

Five days workshop, STREET PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURES IN HONG KONG 15 hours (3 hours per day)

Note: It is actually 6 days (edition day) 2 more hours we will do it after a month of this workshop (Below)

All the workshops and courses includes ✓ Street Photography book PING PONG ✓ Street Photography booklet (Tips, exercises, tricks, challenges, examples...)

✓ Photo edition day

✓ Mask, hand sanitizer

What you are going to learn in this street photography workshop

Day 1: How to start shooting

  • Invisibility

  • Balance and Imbalance

Photo taken in Hong Kong 2014

DAY 2.  Slow Shutter Speed 

  • Giving prominence to what/who does not move

Hong Kong 2016

DAY 3. Dividing the Frame 

  • Lets divide the frame in different scenes

Photo taken in Hong Kong 2017

DAY 4. Juxtaposing in Street Photography 

  • Let´s find contrast between objects/subjects/subjects/objects

Hong Kong 2015

DAY 5. Geometry in Street Photography 

  • Composing with geometry is composing in advanced way

Hong Kong 2017

You can have further information here

Photo edition day.

My experience tells me we have to edit the photos after some days we took the photos, also because we can add some photos we took/made after this workshop, why not?

How and where is that edition day?

  1. We will be no more that seven participants in a comfortable studio with tables, chairs, AC, water

  2. Every participant will select 10 photos of their exercises and bring them in a pen drive or computer

  3. He/she will tell us (the others and me) how and why they took this photo

  4. We will have a constructive criticism (how to edit it, crop it if necessary...)

Photo edition day

How many Street Photograhy workshops we have and how much are them?

Depends of the month we will have intisuve street photography workshops in Hong Kong only during weekends (Friday, Saturday and sunday) and it normally costs 1800Hk

During winter we have more different workshops such as FIVE DAYS

And it only costs 1898HK


I can not attend the workshop every week, can I do it during different days?

Yes, Five days are made for people who only can attend one day this workshop, however we are very flexible and you have 3 months to finnish your lessons

How can I pay the workshop?

You can pay through my website by PAYPAL, credit card


or in cash

Do you provide a personalized follow -up?

Yes, as metinoned before, my street photography workshop in Hong Kong does not end up last day, we will be in touch by whatapp, this website and ur private groups in facebook

Do you provide another workshops around the world?

Yes, I had street, documentary and social photography workshops in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Japan and Korea and as soon COVID-19 is over we will start again

How are thoses international workshops?

International workshops are practically 15 hours of shooting, talking about photography, photographers, walking, having fun, and some beer every day

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