Street Photography adventures

All the workshops and courses includes

✓ Street Photography book PING PONG

✓ Street Photography booklet (Tips, exercises, tricks, challenges, examples...)

✓ 15 hours of shooting

✓ 2 hours of selection, edition and critic

✓ Mask, hand sanitizer

hk$ 1898 only


To minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community, we all need to work together on social distancing and wearing a mask. Theory lessons will be at Tamar Park

What you are going to learn

Day 1: 

How to start shooting

  • Invisibility

  • Balance and Imbalance

DAY 2. 

Slow Shutter Speed 

  • Giving prominence to what/who does not move


DAY 3. 

Dividing the Frame 

  • Lets divide the frame in different scenes


DAY 4.

Juxtaposing in Street Photography 

  • Let´s find contrast between objects/subjects

DAY 5.

Geometry in Street Photography 

  • Composing with geometry is composing in advanced way

Street Photography Adventures in HK

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