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Collector's item, Special Edition VOLUME I, II, III & IV(Edition of 5 only)
  • Collector's item, Special Edition VOLUME I, II, III & IV(Edition of 5 only)

    Personal Collection of 25 photographs
    Collector's item, VOLUME III (Edition of 5 only)
    Collection of 25 black and white photographs chosen directly by the artist.
    Each photograph is signed, annotated, dedicated and numbered by hand.

    Only 5 left in stock
    • Defects

      The photographs are printed, treated and checked with the utmost care. Even so, if the buyer sees any anomaly or defect in any of the photographs, we will send him a copy of the copy or copies that he tells us about.

    • Care and storage

      • The photographs are printed on high quality 320gsm matt paper for long durability (generations).
      • They are stored in a black protective case designed by the artist.
      • 4 cases x 25 photographs
      • Each case protects 25 photographs from humidity, water, heat and cold.
      • Non-stick protective paper separates, cares for and prevents contact between photographs
      • Latex gloves are recommended for handling the photographs.
    • Transport

      The transport of the collection is via DHL and will be received three days after the printing of the photographs.

    • Resale and exhibitions

      Resale and exhibitions

      • You can sell part or all of the collection for the price you set
      • If you decide to sell part or all of the collection it is recommended that you write the details of the transaction on the back of the photograph.
      • You can exhibit part or all of the exhibition as your personal collection naming Miguelitor as the author of the photographs.
    • Guarantee

      The photographs are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase.
      If no defect has been reported in any photograph from the second year after the purchase of the collection, the guarantee will be valid until the tenth year.
      If any of the photographs suffer any kind of deterioration not caused by:
      Misuse or mishandling
      Misuse of conservation
      You will be sent another photograph/s once the defective one has been received. 
      The shipping costs will be:
      Buyer when sending the photograph to Miguelitor
      Miguelitor when sending the photograph to the buyer

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