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The lady who did not give a damn about waiting her turn


Once upon a time there was a lady, ¨with a big pussy¨ as they say in my town, who acted as she wanted when she wanted, just like that. She didn't give a shit about society, its rules and above all one thing, the turns, she was the first, gold medal in sneaking in, black belt in skipping turns, Olympic gold of giving a shit about what people would say. An admirable woman that I had the privilege to photograph.


Había una vez una señora, de papo grande como dicen en mi pueblo, que actuaba como quería cuando ella quería, así sin más. Le importaba una mierda la sociedad, sus reglas y sobre todo una cosa, los turnos, ella era la primera, medalla de oro en colarse, cinturón negro en saltarse los turnos, oro olímpico de importarle una mierda el que dirán. Una mujer admirable que tuve el privilegio de fotografiar

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