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The deer who asked a North Carolina boy for a picture

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The deer that asked a North Carolina boy for a photo

It seems that the place exists and that people live there. North Carolina must be a sort of Teruel in Spain, we have heard of it but we have never been there, nor do we know anyone who has visited it and we doubt that people live there, Turolenses and North Carolinians have something in common and that is that no one knows any natives of those lands.

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The deer who asked a North Carolina boy for a picture

Back in 2015 I went on a little trip to Japan with my wife and we went around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara, we ate a lot of meat, a lot of fish and drank a lot of sake, we slept very badly everywhere, we got lost every three minutes and I got angry every two minutes when I didn't understand anything in the underground.

WARNING: the underground in Japan is more difficult than a judge competition

I did take a lot of pictures that together with eating meat, fish and drinking sake is what I was going for, a priori I didn't give a shit about sleeping badly, getting lost every three minutes and getting angry every two minutes, later I saw that I did care, I really cared.

Tokyo is like it appears on TV, as big as the world and full of people everywhere, Osaka and Nagoya are like South Michigan but with a Ferris wheel, nothing special, if it is not for the temples in Kyoto there is no one who goes there or sleeps, in Kobe there is meat as good as the best Butcher Shop and in Nara, besides deer and green tea we saw a man from North Carolina, yes, we saw him.

His name was Peter and he seemed a bit shy, he was about 28 years old, he was fit and his accent sounded more Kentucky or Virginia than North Carolina, but no, Peter was North Carolinian and he confirmed to me that everyone, absolutely everyone he knew from his place spoke like him, in fact he told me that the cousins on his mother's side have eight surnames from North Carolina (Smith, Johnson, William, Jones, Brown, Davies, Moore, Miller) and that they spoke exactly the same as he did. By the way, did you know that surnames in North Carolina are measured by time and not by people?, that's right, Smith is 2 minutes and thirteen seconds, Johnson three minutes, Miller, 2 minutes and forty-seven seconds...that's how long it takes you to find someone with that surname. Curious

Nara is to deer as Tokyo is to people, they are everywhere, it's something between funny, strange and lousy at the same time. People feed them with the natural diet of the deer; ice creams, biscuits, crisps... and that endless list of products rich in bad cholesterol, which can never be missing in the diet of any stag, and so they are very horned, fat, lying down or following the tourists to get their dose of sugar, salt and palm oil.

Well, it was me (of course) who met Peter first, he got it right the first time that I was from a town south of Madrid between Aranjuez, Chinchón and Valdemoro called Ciempozuelos although I couldn't guess where he was from, in fact I thought North Carolina was some sort of Truman Show, something fictitious only for the movies, we talked about politics, the Portuguese fishing system, the Mayans, civil engineering and even about my wife, he was shy but he had conversation and he spoke very calmly and thinking about what he was saying. It was when he mentioned his cousins' surnames and where they were from that a deer, he put aside his Oreos and approached us.

- Are you really from North Carolina? - he asked quizzically.

- I am. - Peter replied before commenting on his cousins' surnames.

- Would you mind taking a picture with me? - asked the roe deer with embarrassment and bravery.

- Right now," replied Peter as he winked at me.

They asked me to be the one to take their picture which I absolutely refused, I take my pictures and you take yours, I told him while winking my left eye which is the one I use to wink.

And this is the picture I got of the deer that asked for a picture to a guy from North Carolina.