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The challenging fear of street photography


It's been a while since I took the photos I used to take but that doesn't mean I don't still like this type of photography, I think it's the one I like the most, shooting close up with a 28mm lens. Life is taking me through the world of narrative photography but the challenging fear of street photography is in my blood. It's not fear, but a challenge.

International Street Photography Workshop
the challenging fear of street photography

For some people it can be frightening to photograph without asking permission from the photographed even with closer lenses that allow you to shoot from a more ¨prudential¨ distance but like everything in life if you like it you have to practice little by little and you will see that you are not invading anyone, but you are collecting and growing your portfolio. Susan Sontag in the book ¨On photography¨ said that:

Who collects photographs collects the world.

And you can collect a part of "that personal world of yours" through your photographs.

But what is it that really makes you nervous about approaching the scene and photographing?

  • People's privacy?

  • Fear of making them angry?

  • Fear of not getting what you were looking for?

  • Do you think it's not ethically correct?

International Street Photography Workshop
the challenging fear of street photography

I think that if I had become a photographer in Spain I would not have done this kind of photography or at least I would not have started this way, but in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and other Asian countries where I have been lucky enough to photograph it is not so frowned upon to photograph anyone so I think I have it implanted in my photographer self that I carry inside, now when I go to Europe I continue doing the same photography without being afraid that people react in one way or another without thinking that I am committing a moral wrong, what I want is to photograph and collect that world that Susan Sontag says.

I know, dear reader that you are not going to agree 100% with this question, in fact, if you read me without having taken any ¨aggressive¨ pictures you will surely agree 0% but....

  • What's wrong with taking a picture of a guy peeing in the street?

  • What's wrong with taking a picture of someone in the street?

  • Is it privacy?

  • What is privacy when in every street, bus, shopping mall, bank...etc there are security cameras recording us 24 hours a day?

  • What is privacy when we all share everything through social networks?

If someone takes a picture of his/her child or a building and I happen to come out there is no privacy, instead, I, as a street photographer am invading.

International Street Photography Workshop