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The best places for street photography in Hong Kong

Almost all my students in Hong Kong ask me the same question every week, where is the best place for photography in Hong Kong? They are waiting for my mouth to come out with the magic place where you go and get that photograph you always wanted to do, but nothing could be further from the truth, the best place to do street photography in Hong Kong is wherever you are at the time.

With this post, what I want you to realize is that once you close the door of your house and go out to the street, the street is the street and there is life in it, everything is photographable if you know how to photograph it.

Still, and for the practice of some techniques I have selected some sites to give meaning to this blog. Let's go for it


Places to practice street photography in Hong Kong


TST Cultural Center

If what you want is to practice street photography applying geometry you must go to TST Cultural Center, famous is the photography that many photographers get (we get) there between the angular walls where playing with the exposure of our camera we can darken 90% of our photograph being illuminated in the form of triangles, a photograph that will please everyone who looks at it, easy to execute and a place where we can give free rein to our creativity of so much geometry that we can find.

Street Photography Hong Kong
TST Cultural Center by © Miguelitor

Avenue of Starts

A few meters from TST Cultural center we find Avenue of Starts, a very relaxing walk with beautiful views towards Hong Kong Island where we can also get very good images due to its traffic of people. If what you are looking for is to play with backlighting this is one of my favorite places in Hong Kong to practice this technique, inside the gallery that serves as a grandstand for the light show and looking towards Hong Kong Island we can get great photographs against the light because there is a lot of traffic of people through the same gallery.

Best places in Hong Kong for street photography
Avenue of Starts © Miguelitor

Tamar Park

Tamar Park is another place in Hong Kong where it is very busy for people walking or doing sports, remember that busy places are very interesting because we can fill our images with life. What I like about this park is that no matter which way you look you always find something of interest. IFC, Wanchai, Kowloon or the skyscrapers of Central and Admiralty can always give you very good compositions for your images.

Street Photography in Hong Kong
Tamar Park © Miguelitor