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First lessons in the new Street Photography School

Street Photography School

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Street Photography School

As you already know the new school of street photography starts on March 1st, a new experience to manage classes, courses and lectures of interest but not so new to teach what I like and know the most. Photography and how to observe.

In the street photography school there will be classes in which students can connect daily, they will have the contents of these lessons in digital files (.PDFs) to study, memorize and practice the content of that lesson and they will have up to 3 practical classes every week, all with a personalized monitoring of their progress.


With which lesson will you start this new adventure of the street photography school?

Invisibility and go unnoticed. First lesson in street photography
Invisibility and go unnoticed. First lesson in street photography

The lesson I have chosen to be the first one is the first one I usually teach to those who have attended my street photography workshops, the first level of all, to go unnoticed and be invisible.

  • Look from afar to photograph up close

  • To belong to the photographed scene

  • Going unnoticed

  • Balancing your framing with two people

This lesson lasts one hour and students are provided with a .PDF with photos, tips and tricks on how to start capturing street scenes. I have already said many times that this type of photography (two people) is the type of photography that I like the most, they are simple and easily understandable for those who observe them, remember that we do not only photograph for us but also for the observer who observes our photograph.

This lesson will be on March 1, 2022 at 10.00 am in Hong Kong and the language of the lesson will be in English.


Henri Cartier Bresson, The decisive moment
Henri Cartier Bresson, The decisive moment

At 11.30 am on the same day we have a photographic reading lesson and it could not be any other photographer than Henri Cartier Bresson, the father of street photography, the photographer of the decisive moment, the eye that has inspired so many photographers and one of the creators of the Magnum agency.

The photographic reading class consists of just that, reading photographs.

  • We will learn how to read and interpret photographs.

  • We will see what caught the photographer's attention at the moment of the shot.

We will develop the photograph by asking ourselves three simple questions

  • What is in this photograph?

  • What does this photograph say to you?

  • What do you (as a photographer) say to this photograph?

A one hour class in which we will see a lot of photographs and in which we will learn to read images by leaps and bounds.


Juxtaposition in Street Photography, street photography School
Juxtaposition in Street Photography

The third class of day one of the street photography school is an interest class and we will talk about juxtaposition by contrast and juxtaposition by combination.

Juxtaposition by contrast:

  • Putting two subjects/objects that contrast with each other.

Juxtaposition by combination:

  • Combining two elements/subjects that have nothing to do with each other but together they give us a ¨something¨.

Each day we will talk about a woman photographer and to start in the school of street photography I have chosen a photographer that I love, Eve Arnold.

  • We will see her work

  • We will analyze her photographs

To end the day we will return to the first lesson, Invisibility in street photography.

All classes have:

  • Digital files that will be shared with students.

  • Exercises

  • Challenges

These are the lessons with which we started this adventure, the street photography school had to start somehow and I have considered that it should be like this but there will be a lot more, Japanese photography, classic and contemporary photographers, awards, Fanzines .... In the school of street photography we know that not everything is going to be perfect but we will not lack dedication, hard work and sharing our knowledge, we are going to be confused and we know it in advance so we have opened a suggestion box where students can show any kind of idea, criticism, suggestion about all the content that is in the school.

Thank you very much for being part of this new project. We will see you soon and a lot.


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