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 Street Photograpy workshops in Asia   





Miguel is a photographer from Madrid, based in Hong Kong since 2010 where he teaches Visual Language in his School of photographers

The goal of the workshop is to learn how to observe the street, daily moments, the life in it. You will learn how to be creative, selective and a bit provocative with your images



1. Basically whole day taking photos, talking about photography, photographers and learning how to observe the street in a different way

2. 7 days of photography, working in small groups and seeing how Miguelitor shoots

3. We start shooting at 8.00 a.m until 12.00 p.m, then we we have a break for lunch and

4. Participant´s photos will be reviewed everyday

5. Before the adventure Miguel will discuss all practical issues such as, Hotel, gear, visas...

6. Participants and Miguel will have a private group for discussing all about the adventure

7. For being conducted, every workshop requires at least 3 participants


1. You will have the opportunity to see how Miguel works, he will teach you many tricks and tips 


2. Shoot in small groups // participants receives Miguel's attention


3. Daily reviews  

4. A great guaranteed improvement of your photographic


5. Your photography and your understanding will be very different after Miguel's workshop.

6. You will learn how to observe the street in a different way, being capable to get good images in your street, travel and documentary photography

7. You will receive an instant guidance//​ feedback 

8. Daily and open critiques

9. Learn how to compose, how to edit your images and how to get a potential photo

10. You will learn how to divide the frame in your compositions, you will use different tecniques such slow shutter speed, square format... You will find geometry, symmetry...

11. You will learn how to be invisible and how to participate in the scene



1. Any camera or device which can take photos with (IT IS A MUST TO KNOW YOUR GEAR)

2. Lens not bigger than 35mm

3. Laptop and editing software (IT IS A MUST TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR EDITING PROGRAM)

4. Wear confortable shoes and clothes.

5. WhatsApp and google map in your smartphone

6. Travel insurance

7 One eye, one finger



Registrations are made through this page.

Payment are processed by Paypal, credit card or PAYME *Paypal and credit card fee will be added to the final price


There are only 6 places, if you did not get your place you would be in the waiting list

Meals (street food, local food, not fine dinning restaurant) and accommodation are included

visas air tickets and other travel costs are not included in the price..

.Fee is refundable (minus PayPal or bank transfer cost) if another participant take your spot, it will not be refundable if there is not any substitute

All the participants are requested to pay the full amount by PayPal, credit card, Payme 5 weeks before the workshop

It is recommended to purchase refundable travel insurance and air ticket just in case workshop is canceled

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