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Hong Kong

HK$ 1498


Exercises to be done.

  1. 3 silhouette exercises with 3 points of interest.

  2. 3 geometry exercises

  3. 3 geometry exercises and division of the frame.

  4. 3 exercises of geometry + slow shutter speed

  5. 3 Exercises of Triangles

In point 1 (Black area of the map)

We are going to photograph against the light and obtain silhouettes of three or more points of interest

In the pink area of the map

we will find geometries where others see nothing, we will play with shadows, degraded light, corners, arcs and we have to achieve 4 exercises that you will be given

In the green area of the map

we will continue to find geometry and divide the framing of our photos to give more depth and different scenes.

In the orange area of the map

we will find geometry and use slow shutter speeds (if you have an ND filter much better but not necessary).

Ancla 1
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