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Symphony of lights

When Hong Kong's buildings start to dance

Symphony of Lights

One of the things you "must" see when you arrive in Hong Kong for the first time is the Symphony of Lights that every day at 20.00 hours makes the buildings of Hong Kong dance as seen from TST (Kowloon). There you can see dozens of photographers photographing the scene and although I don't like that symphony or those kind of photos, I have to admit that I have seen wonderful photos. How could I make a simile of that symphony of lights?

  • Here is my personal challenge

  • Challenge: Symphony of Lights

  • Time: Two weeks (starting January 9th)

  • Aim: To make my own symphony of lights that has nothing to do with the one in Hong Kong.

  • Format: Colour photography and square format

  • Techniques: Minimalism, variegation, double exposure... I don't know yet ;)

In every photograph there must be lights, no matter if they are in the foreground or in the background of the image, no matter if there are buildings or not, cars, boats, houses, etc. .... lights is what I'm looking for... I'll tell you in a couple of weeks....

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