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An Unusual Experience

It is an unusual experience. We are locked up in Hong Kong.

It is an unusual experience. We are locked up in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a big city with lots of opportunities, it is a multicultural place, safe, small, close to paradisiacal places, full of full stores, the economy works, the transportation works, Hong Kong has beaches and mountains, shopping malls and running countryside. Hong Kong is my home.

COVID has changed the world and Hong Kong has not escaped, opportunities are down, people are leaving, businesses are going bankrupt, people are going bankrupt, Beaches, swimming pools, sports centers closed, absurd quarantines of up to three weeks if you leave (and if you can come back), empty streets, vaccinations required if you want to have a coffee, walk down the street or take the have to show your vaccination record to the waiter, to the bus driver. The transport is still full, the bars until six o'clock and no more than two people together, masks even for running in the bush, fines for lifting them even to breathe...
It is an unusual experience, but we are locked up in Hong Kong.

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