00. Introduction to Street Photography


  • Street vs Studio
  • The street is the scenario of life
  • What Street Photography is
  • Best places to take photos
  • Best camera for Street Photography
  • Manual or automatic
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • What to photograph
  • How to get a good image
  • Tips



01. How to start shooting

  • Why is easier taking a photo nowadays?
  • Shooting people behind their backs 
  • Be creative, selective and a bit provocative with your images
  • The signs
  • Get out of the pattern
  • Similarities
  • Juxtapositions
  • Sequences
  • What Kind of photos you SHOULD NOT take
  • Tips

02. Slow Shutter Speed in Street


  • What Shutter Speed Is
  • What Shutter Speed Should we use to give a sense of movement?
  • Give prominence to those who Dont Move
  • Is the Tripod Necessary?
  • How Long Does It Take to change the Setting of your Camera?
  • How to Stabilise the Camera 
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • What to photograph
  • Challenge
  • Tips

03. Dividing the Frame in Street Photography

  • The Image what made me Photographer
  • What do we Get By Dividing The Frame?
  • The Corners
  • The Geometry
  • Division By Lines On The Ground
  • Division By A Column
  • Kinds Of Division
  • If you know what You Are Looking For It Will Be Easier To Find
  • It
  • Kind Of Elements In A Photo
  • Tips

04. Juxtaposing in Street Photography

  • Express Yourself
  • Dont make Beautiful But Interesting Photos
  • What Is Juxtaposition?
  • Juxtaposition By Contrast
  • How to Find Juxtaposition By Contrast?
  • Juxtaposition By Combination
  • How to Find Juxtaposition By Combination?
  • To Go back
  • To see From Afar
  • Tips

05. Geometric figures in street photography

  • The world Of Geometric Figures In Street Photography
  • The Presence Of Geometry In Our Photos
  • Increase Your Creativity
  • Dividing At The Third Of The Frame
  • Dividing The Frame
  • Draw Your Compositions
  • What Do we Get Dividing The Frame?
  • Hoe To get Geometry In Our Images
  • How to get a good image
  • Tips

06. Symmetry, Balance and Imbalance in Street Photography

  • Symmetry
  • Balance
  • Inbalance
  • Finding Two Subjets-Objects
  • The Angle
  • People In Perpendicular
  • Differet Planes
  • Placing the subject - Object in the corner
  • How to get a good image
  • Tips

07. Shades and Shadows

  • Shades & Shadows In Street Photography
  • Dividing The Frame with The Shades
  • Shadows And Self-Portraits
  • Shadows From Above
  • Geometric Shapes with Shades
  • Closing The Plane with a wall and Shade
  • Shoot at an Angle
  • Different Points of View
  • Challenge
  • Tips


08. Square format in Street Photography

  • Square format In Street Photography
  • Be more Creative and get out of the routine
  • The Importance of centering an angle
  • Camera on the Ground
  • Dividing the frame into two Rectangles
  • Dividing The Frame into Squares and Rectangles
  • Five squares 
  • Self-POrtrait in Square 
  • How to get a good image
  • Tips

09. Tracking

  • Tacking In Street Photography
  • Hunting
  • Someone who Carries or Behave is an Unusual way
  • How to Be invisible
  • Setting in your camera
  • Manual or automatic
  • Combine your images
  • How to find a good Scene in The beach
  • How to get a good Scene in the Street
  • Tips

10. Creativity in Street Photography

  • Creativity In Street Photography
  • Reflexes
  • Posters
  • Turning your Picture
  • Rules are made for Being Broken
  • Shadows
  • Detecting The places that give you play
  • Using your hands
  • Challenge
  • Tips

11. Self-Portrait in Street Photography

  • Self_portraits In Street Photography
  • Belonging To The Scene
  • Mirrors
  • Mirrors And Geometric Shapes
  • Self-Portraits And Shadows
  • Slow Shutter Speed in Self-POrtraits
  • Dividind The Frame in Self-Portraits
  • Juxtaposing in Self-POrtrait
  • The Eye
  • Tips

12. How to make a project with your photos

  • The Project
  • Diptych & Triptychs
  • Differences between Project and Serie
  • When


13. Editing your photos

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