Photo taken in Hong Kong

  • Signed and numbered photos(Only 30 units)
  • Optional dedication on the back
  • High quality printing
  • High quality paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Wrapped in Passepartout (unsealed)

Hong Kong #15

Add Ping Pong for 30$
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    Ping Pong

    Ping Pong is my first book. It is a work of 80 black and white photographs arranged in 40 diptychs where the viewer will not stop looking from left to right and right to left as if he were in a Ping Pong game, finding the communication between the two photographs.
    Ping Pong is a mischievous visual game that will surely make you smile, Ping Pong is to make sense of two photographs that have nothing to do with each other. 
    Click here to see the pictures that make up the book Ping Pong