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Street Photography Level II


US$ 209.99


3 days + 1 day analysis and critique

About the Course


This course is oriented to all those photographers who have experience in street photography or who have done the previous level.

Keep remembering these two sentences

If you know what you are looking for it will be much easier to find it.
Practice, practice until it becomes an instinctive act.

if in the previous course we achieved photographs using different techniques, in this course we will achieve three or more points of interest in our images and place them strategically in our photographs.


What will you learn in this course?

You will learn to

  • Guide the viewer with the points of interest

  • Locate triangles by means of three points of interest

  • Place each point of interest in different layers

  • Fill the frame


Lesson 1. Triangles in street photography

In this lesson you will learn the importance of triangles in your compositions.

  • Triangle rule

  • Introduction to Visual Language

  • Triangles as a shape

  • Expressive properties of triangles

After this lesson you will be able to get photographs like these:


Lesson 2. Odd numbers and the three points of interest

In this lesson you will learn how to.

  • Develop a vision to include 3 points of interest.

  • Appearing yourself as a point of interest (Self Portrait)

  • Dividing the frame II

After this lesson you will be able to get photographs like these:


Lesson 3. Fill the frame with numerous points of interest.

In this lesson you will learn how to:

  • Locate a scene with numerous points of interest.

  • Position yourself to highlight each point of interest.

  • Highlight one point of interest out of all of them.

After this lesson you will be able to get pictures like these:



There are 10 different types of exercises and challenges for each lesson that the student has to achieve and upload to the private group.

At the end of the course the student will be asked to take 5 pictures by combining certain techniques seen


What do you need for this course?

This is an online classroom course and you need

  • A computer or other device with internet connection, optional microphone and headphones.

  • For your practical sessions, exercises and challenges you need a camera or any other device (mobile phone, tablet...)

  • A photo editing program (Lightroom, photoshop, etc...) is highly recommended.


How long does the course last?

The course consists of three lessons of approximately one hour and a half each, plus there is an extra day for students to exhibit their final photos (there is a final exam applying on a photo certain tricks, techniques learned in class).


How much does it cost and what is included in the course fee?

The price of the online course is HK$1600 ) and is included in the price:

  • PDFs of the lessons with exercises, tricks, tips...

  • Private group where you can share files

  • Portfolio review


What videoconferencing platform is used for online classes?

Google meet


What is the limit to the number of students in the course?

The limit of students for the course is 8 people, with a minimum of 3 students per course.

Your Instructor



Miguel Marina ¨Miguelitor¨ is a Spanish photographer based in Hong Kong since 2010. Miguel has extensive experience in teaching photography both in practical and theoretical classes. Miguel has exhibited his work in several countries and taught photography workshops in Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Spain and Portugal.

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